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2017 is already over!?!?

OK - so this year didn’t go as planed….

We finished the remodeling of our downstairs level. One reason we loved the house was because it had a complete footprint of the house on the lower , walk-out, level. So we now have a bedroom, sewing room, batrh, theater/family room, music & art studio, kichenette and office. All that was left for 2017 was the new deck and patio.

I said to Don, “By next February (2018) I want to have all the stuff sorted through, put away, filed, digitized, or thrown out.” Ah…the best-laid plans…

Got the shingles Memorial Day weekend and that pretty much sums up the rest of 2017. The good thing was that I have had only one chair where I can sit and the pain is less - and that was right by my windows so I could watch them install our beautiful deck! Still on drugs for the residual pain and just waiting for it to go away.

In Oct I deceided I might as well get my knees done. I had stem-cell therapy and it is working wonderfullly well. I had my second (and hopefully last) treatment on Wed 12/27. So…back in the chair. I am going to try and stand up on my own this afternoon so we will see what we will see. The good part is that I should be walking by Monday and be running and enjoying my knees in about 4-6 weeks. No knee replacement, just my own “home grown” knees.

What happened with the genealogy?