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Christmas is here and so is my retirement! To say I am excited would be an understatement! My last full day at JCCC was December 13th. It is hard to believe I am finally retired from teaching.

Mom came out to join us for Christmas. For once, we decided to drive out to WV and back rather than try to fly. Guess it was a bad plan since the weather turned horrible on the last day of travel. The car hit some black ice and spun out into a ditch. Luckily no one was hurt - word is still out on the car - and we got to spend a lovely night at the only motel in Odessa MO. Lucky for them, Pizza Hut could deliver dinner! Julane plans to take Mom home after the first of the year (weather permitting!).

Afterthoughts: Well, we wound up stuck in Marshall IL as the whole state of IN was closed due to a huge snow storm. Four days in our little motel room without even a deck of cards! And the only food was at the McDonalds. Cold - 20 below - but we spent the time talking and watching TV. I think this trip was cursed from the beginning….