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January Thoughts

It's January and I've got the blues….cold, dark, windy and…COVID! When will this ever end?

Seriously, though, January is bringing me lots of new ideas and work to do around the house. OK, so I'm already 1 week behind on one of my plans but…come on! Just trying to get motivated. And I've got to take down all the pretty Christmas decorations. We call it "de-Christmasing!" Don already wants to turn off the outside lights but I am keeping them on tonight for one last night. The house looks so pretty!

Got lots of cool stuff from my hubby and wanted to share this shirt with you. Looks like he has me pretty well pegged!
IMG_0259 copy

I am going to share some videos on youtube soon so watch for the links to appear here. I plan on two areas of videos:

1. Sharing my Math Maven ideas. Everyone is home trying to help their kids with math and I hope to share some of my shortcuts and quick ideas. We just need to work the kinks out because, of course, I want to do screen shots and animation and videos of me working on problems and…oh my!

2. "Supplemental Minutes" for DAR. If you didn't know, once you get into the DAR with one patriot, you can send in more and more family members to be verified. So far I have 4 verified and got 2 back with errors I have to fix. One goes in the mail this weekend so that should be another one to add to the patriots page.

So I get lots and lots of questions from people on how to find more patriots in their family, help with lineage, etc. Now, the Registrar job is a lot of work so I hope to help them work on their own lines and bring me a semi-finished product to check over. And these should also help just about anyone working on direct line lineage. I plan on keeping these to less than 5 minutes so we will see how it goes. I did a practice one today that wasn't too shabby!

Tomorrow all the decorations come down and it will be winter in my house. Oh well! On to the next holiday which, as you know, if my favorite! (Valentine's Day)