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OK - I know that it has been a crazy year but now it is…October?!!? How did that happen? I have spent a lot of time on a lot of projects and even got to travel to Ohio and WV despite the "dreaded" Covid 19.

First off - we held our Garfield High School 50th Reunion in Sept in Uniontown OH. We had about 100 people on Friday night with about 100 people on Saturday. There was some overlap but there were a lot of people who only attended one event. I got to spend a lot of time visiting with a lot of people. Come to find out, only ONE person I spoke with had been exposed to COVID and he did not contract it. Three weeks later and no one has reported getting sick.

Now, I know today that both President Trump and his wife have tested positive and are showing some slight symptoms. Still, he has been campaigning and has been in some VERY large groups. But our little group just goes to show you that, with precautions, we could have been living our lives all this time.

Oh yeah - procedures for the reunion:
Outside - 6 ft away and no masks
119489188_4078633758833425_1217629442810821174_n copy

Going inside the venue - put on your mask
Get to the table - take off your mask
Mingling - put on your mask UNLESS you are eating or drinking, then hang it off your ear.
Dancing - put on your mask UNLESS you are 6 feet away and feel comfortable.
Taking a photo - some with masks, others…take it off, Quick! snap the photo, put it back on. Selfie above of my gal pals. Back: Sherri Marzick, Sonya Minor, Me Front: Valerie McCort, Georgiana Cummins, Dana Parker Mullen.

I then drove down to Bridgeport to kidnap Mom and take her to dinner at Minard's. Doesn't she look great? They actually let me in the building! They took my temp a
IMG_0529 copy
nd that was it. They are just now (finally) letting the residents meet for dinner. Since they have been cooped up since FEBRUARY no one is worried about catching this. Oh - and they are getting tested every week!

I have been doing knee rehab every day after another round of stem cells in Aug. I'll have a "booster" on the 19th of this month. Some days are better and some days are about the same but I am determined NOT to have metal in my body!

If you missed it, check out Don's blog on his great new eyes (after cataract surgery).

Lastly, been doing lots of research for NSDAR lineages for new members and old in the organization. I really love tracking down those elusive records!