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New Eyes!

This year I graduated to what my opthalmologst called "big girl cataracts!" So in June I had my two cataract surgeries. Now I get to wear my "cool Buddy Holly" glasses for at least another month until I get the lenses adjusted. I went with the same lenses Don got, Light Adjustable. These are "customizable" and should guarantee no glasses for me in the future. Check them out: https://www.rxsight.com/us.

I have been working on more DAR applications and supplementals, submitting 4 more since my last writing including 2 for me. I also had four verified - yay! Robert Young, Samuel Pullen, Loftus Pullen & George Rymer. I will writing some bios for them soon and they will link through the Patriots page. All of these are on Mom's side of the family. The new ones I submitted was for Simeon Maxson on the Cayton/Maxson line and one for George Fisher on the Cayton/Lough line. I think it is sad that I can't get anymore done on the Curtis line - most of these fall apart at one generation where I cannot tie a daughter to a father. I will keep working on this, though, as I am determined to find them all. Too bad Jesse never had any records as a drummer boy…

We had news that we will have a new family member as my niece is now engaged. Shannon & Matthew stopped by to visit on their way to and from Virginia where they spent time with parents Brooke & Randy. It was so great to see some family now that the COVID restrictions are lifting.

We are hoping to get to Branson in the fall and I hope to get back east then as well. We need to see family and do some more research!