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COCID-19 Blues

I guess I should do a blog about the current pandemic - COVID-19. But, to tell the truth, I am really just tired of it all. We at Clay Co MO have been locked down for over a month. It's not like I necessarily want to go somewhere, it's just that I know that I can't.

So I have been trying to stay "not" depressed and, for an extrovert like me, it is pretty tough. I've called my Mom - she has been in lockdown since Feb - and she is bored and going crazy. At least she can get together and play cards with some friends in her complex as they are restricted to gatherings of no more than 4 people. No one in her facility has gotten the virus so that's also a plus.

I've worked on scrapbooking but have lost interest…same with cleaning, de-cluttering, decorating, etc. And, while everyone on facebook is complaining about gaining weight, I'm still losing! Now below my goal of 140 and that is a bit worrisome. Thing I've been most interested in doing is working on the Curtis family history (see that page for an update) but that doesn't always hold my interest.

On a more positive note, Don & I have been trying to finish some work on videos. I have a set of 4 VHS tapes that my friend, Carol, had entrusted to me in 2016 to copy to DVD. Well, after construction and remodeling, I couldn't find them. About 3 weeks ago we were trying to organize the back room (storage) and Don says, "Hey! What are those tapes?" Needless to say, they were Carol's whale tapes! Hooray!

So we have been digitizing them and putting them on DVDs. Did you know that "everyone
" has decided that DVD's are an "obsolete" medium so there is no reason to continue having support or methodology for making them? What the &#^$#$!@#$???? So we have to use 5 different software programs to get to the finished product. Now we learn that the last update from Apple removed the burning of DVD's - because NO one would EVER do that now, would they?

My sweet hubby decided I needed to learn how to burn DVD's with this new process - of course, I did, but that's beside the point! No longer is it,Insert DVD, open program, click burn." He wrote some directions for me to follow. A bunch of stuff in UNIX commands that runs under the MAC operating system.

Now, remember that he is an engineer and I am a teacher. When I started writing instructions for using the computer for my students, back when you got a C-prompt, the first step was "turn the computer on!" It's not that bad but, as he said, "I made assumptions based on what I thought you would know how to do." Well, from the first step I didn't know what/where I was doing/going! So, while he sat next to me, I modified the steps so I really could follow them. He really tried to get it "right" but, what can I say? I read it more literally (I think), so when it says Is -a that's what I type in. After that it says (BTW - that is a lower case L in the ls command; not an I). OK, sweetie, put that….first!

But we got it to work and the last whale DVD is burning as we speak. And a cool new program we found prints the DVD labels directly on the DVD's. So that part is must faster since it is so much easier than trying to print a label and get it stuck on the DVD in the correct place. These will soon be in the mail and another project will be checked off our list.