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Christmas Time's a Comin!

It's Christmas time!

Yes, and it appears I am over the "funk" that held me prisoner for Oct & Nov. I've got the house decorated…OK, almost finished! Some of the lights aren't working on the tree so I have to fix them. Don said to me yesterday: "3 letters for you. O - C - D! The Lights must be flashing!!" I sort of hate it when he is right!

Anyway, I've been working on making the candy and wrapping the gifts. Hope to have all in the mail no later than next Wed which will be early for me! Don helped out with the designing of the Christmas Cards this year and I really loved that it was a joint effort. He "lets" me write the newsletter, which was short but sweet this year, but here he also added some pin-nosh to it. So glad we are both feeling "up" for a change!

Brian didn't make it in for Turkey Day which was a bummer! I hope he comes for Christmas but he is so leery of this virus and doesn't want to cause us any harm. I can't say that I blame him but….I miss him!

I spent a lot of time in Nov working with future NSDAR members. They had a challenge for each chapter to get 2 new members by Nov 15th. Our chapter has a lot working the process but each and every one has a one generation "sticking" point. My good friend, Elizabeth, was able to get hers approved so we were 1 for 2 in the challenge. I am determined to get the rest of these in before the end of Jan. So many little things to check and recheck - the main problem is connecting generations (I have this problem for several of my patriots as well) as there are few documents that list parents. I'm learning more and more about wills, court cases, deeds, etc.

Well, enough of this for today - heading over to my genealogy pages to do some catch up!