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Family History & DAR

I have been working on so many DAR applications that my computer thinks my home page is ancestry.com! We sent in five applications in April and have had three verified as of May 5th. I've got two more in the "almost ready" category and about five more in the queue. It is almost like a full-time job so it is a good thing I love doing it!

Our family history has gotten more complex as I try to trace the lines both forward and backward. Working on the 4th Generation of the Curtis line is a bit daunting, especially since I am coupling it with trying to prove more patriots as well. Don's side of the family is also a bit crazy - look, I get your last name is Alexander (which is also a first name) but did you have to name the boys names that could also be a first and/or last name? The Crabtree line is in pretty good shape for the direct line, thanks to Don's dad & wife Grace but still need to do some sourcing and cleaning up.

Heard from a cousin in the Curry line who was going by the tree on Family Search. A word of warning - this tree is incorrect! And since anyone can make changes to it, I have been unable to correct it permanently. Even though I have documentation, someone always goes back and changes it to the wrong line again. So remember, we do NOT descend from William & Sarah Young (although we have plenty of Williams and Sarahs in the family). I guess that is why there is a post titled "Curry Madness" on this blog…

I love working with history and genealogy - on my trip to WV I listened (once again) to the Great Courses "England - Medieval to the Tudors." It is a great course that gives a lot of insight into what was going on during that time. There are 2 more courses - one on the Tudors and one on the Stuarts - that are also wonderful. I just wish they had a course like this on Ireland, Switzerland and France so that I could be more familiar with the way records were kept, etc. I have also been listening to the NGS tapes on specific records. Every time I try to find Abraham Rinehart and John Cayton in Maryland I almost go mad. I hope this last tape on "Using the MD Archives" will help me!

Meanwhile, Don & I are continuing with our physiotherapy and are slowing coming along. My evaluation last week showed improvement in all areas but 1 which is great. Hopefully by next summer I will be able to walk out into the ocean again! We didn't go this year because of COVID and the continuing clean-up after last year's hurricane.

Back to genealogy - check for a new link for William Van Horn's service!