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Trip to WV - Finally!

Now that I had both the COVID Vaccines (Pfizer) I was able to visit Mom in WV. A great time was had cleaning out more papers and doing tax returns, not to mention getting some T&L Hot Dogs! We also had a meal at Minard's to celebrate Uncle David Houchin's birthday last year.

The trip down was uneventful other than finding out I could make it on only TWO tanks of gas! This 2016 Chrysler is phenomenal! I didn't get too tired at all and didn't have to stop to rest although I did stop to rest my knees. Coming back I stopped in Columbus to see Don's mom, Shirley, and brother, Rob. The trip back was tiring and I made the mistake of not stopping to rest my knees. So I paid for it for several days at home.

Both Mom's (Shirley & Carol) are doing well but both are tired of sitting around due to the pandemic. Mom and I got out of the house several times and that was good for lifting spirits. We met cousins Barbie Argabrite & Linda Feltz for lunch one day, joined by sister Heather, and that was quite a bit of fun. We hope to plan a zoom get-together for family soon.

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Left-to-RIght: Heather, Julane, Barbie, Linda, Mom (Carol Curtis)