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A Genealogist Daughter

What is a Genealogist Daughter to do? I've been trying to keep up with family history, current events, and many applications for the DAR. Needless to say, this has become quite a project!

I was able to drive to WV in August for a visit with Mom, Betler Cousins, Curtis Cousins and Don's mom, Shirley Sexton. Quite a lot packed into a 10-day trip. But lots of fun, even though it rained almost all the time!

I took 8 boxes of books to the Helvetia Library - they are trying to build the library and will sell the books they don't need. I just hated looking at all my first editions kno
IMG_0609 copy
wing that they weren't even selling on Ebay for $8.95! And it turns out (of course) that the librarian, Jerieann Davis is a Betler cousin! Following a little bit of a visit - we introduced ourselves as "Betler Relations" - we headed up to the family farm for lunch with our cousin, Eleanor Betler. Present was myself, my mom, and my sister, Heather, who we picked up on our way through Buckhannon. The photo is of Mom & Eleanor.

On Wednesday of the trip, Mom & I met up with family in Kingwood WV. This included sister Brooke & her husband Randy, as well as cousins Linda, Tom, Barbie and Mike. Good food, of course, and talk of quilts made by our grandmother, Myrtle Cayton Curtis. I spent the Friday in Columbus with Shirley, shopping, eating & visiting. This included a visit to the new Sexton's Pizza and dinner with Tammy & Rob.

The rest of the summer has been spent with getting some family history investigated as well as working for my DAR chapter as well as others in the midwest. Some more of our family were verified and new bios will soon be on the patriot page. I love working on this - it's like being a detective!
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