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Me And My Banjo

So. I've owned my new banjo for a couple of weeks. I've learned a few chords and I am working on learning banjo rolls. Training my brain/fingers to do this is slow work. I'm accustomed to using my thumb and three fingers on my right hand when playing finger style guitar and the banjo rolls call for using my thumb and two fingers to play. My brain keeps making that third finger leap into action LOL. I'll eventually get it right. Every night while we're watching TV I spend a little time just doing rolls. I try to practice quietly but, lucky for me, Julane says that she likes the sound.

I ended up purchasing a Deering Goodtime Artisan banjo. It's an open back model and surprisingly loud. I don't know a lot about banjo construction but it seem to be really well made. Deering still builds their banjos in California which is nice - I like to purchase products made in the US if possible. Here is a picture of me in the living room.