Don’s Blog

Getting Stronger!

I've really been making progress over the past few weeks with my PT. I'm able to walk further using a walker and I'm getting stronger by the week. The therapists at Select Physical Therapy push me hard but it's paying off. Fingers crossed.

In other news. We purchased an indoor smokeless grill and really like it. We're mostly using it to finish up steaks and chops that we cooked sous vide and they turn out great. We're going to expand what we're cooking on the new grill.

Our wireless and wired network in our house went haywire along with our lighting controller. So far, 2 bad Ethernet switches, an access point that simply stopped working and a bad power line modem that runs our lighting controls. It's almost like we had a power surge but we have a whole house surge protector and our phone and Internet are fed by fiber lines so the surge didn't get in that way. I'm slowly sorting it out and getting everything back online. Not the way I wanted to spend the last week.

Talk to you soon.