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The Matriarch!

We received our Moog Matriarch synthesizer on February 14th, fired it up the following Monday and started learning. Since I'm new to analog synthesis and not a piano player everything is new to me. Fortunately Julane plays piano but, like me, doesn't know the first thing about synth's other than some basic MIDI skills gained from a class she attended in the 90s. We decided that I'll figure out the deeper technical "stuff" and work together to get the sounds that we want. Next we want to begin getting our musical chops back and compose some music together. With her piano skills and my guitar and tech skills coupled with our combined creative skills we are planning to have a lot of fun.

So, I dove into the manual and started working with the Matriarch to learn the basics and to start creating some sounds and sound scapes. It's a bit of a learning curve but that's OK. Took me less than one day to "break" the synth. Turns out that it was defective and that some of the things that were driving me nuts weren't my doing. Sigh. The good news is that Sweetwater is shipping a brand new unit to us so we'll pick up where we left off as soon as the new unit arrives.

While we're waiting, we're watching training videos to learn Logic X to help us create our compositions and re-arranging the office to accommodate our work.

Question? Any other synthesizer players among our family and friends? I know we have a lot of musicians in the fold. Would love to hear from you. -don