Don’s Blog

Raising The Bar

My physical therapist has been increasing the intensity of my therapy. More weight on the cable machine and squat board and she has my walking on steps a bit. I'm doing well with it but some days I'm pretty sore for a day after therapy. It's all good though.

I finished reprograming the lighting controller for our house so that we can turn lights on/off with our iPhone or iPad. Also, it runs certain lights on a schedule. I'd almost forgotten how to do it because I've not had to fool with it for a few years. It all came back to me and the only thing left is to replace one bad switch and the job will be done and I will not have to revisit this until next summer when I upgrade the system. We used Insteon hardware for the switches and an ISY controller to run it all. I'm glad that I've finally got it straightened out. Now onto the next adventure in home ownership.

We've been watching old TV sitcoms like Taxi and Dear John as were bored with a lot of what's on TV these days. We're also watching "Convicting a Murderer" which is a rebuttal to the Netflix "Making a Murderer" series. If you thought that Steven Avery was innocent based on the Netflix series then watch the rebuttal on Daily Wire+ if you can.

Talk to you soon.