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Music, Music Music!

Last week we began creating an area in our basement to use as a "music studio". We already have a large area that we use for our hobbies; scrapbooking, genealogy, computer projects and crafts but our musical instruments didn't really have a great home. All of that is changing. The studio will exist in the same area with all of the other hobby workspaces. The entire area is under our 3-car garage and is roughly the same size. It's divided into "spaces" as shown on the drawing. Back in the days before retirement Julane used this area as her off-campus office while she was teaching online courses for Johnson County Community College. She laughingly referred to it as the "jail" until she retired from teaching. That's why you see the word "Escape" on the drawing - it's a throwback to the past. Anyway… While we're calling it a studio it's really just a place where the two of us can play music together and build our skills. We're not putting up walls or worrying about acoustics and all of the minutia that would make it a real studio. We just want to have fun, learn things and play music together. We'll have the guitars, Roland piano/synth, Moog Matriarch, oboe, flute, sax and a cheap banjo all in one place. The only instrument that will not be in the new area is her baby grand piano from the mid 40s. She purchased that in the 70s for around $1,000. It's a beautiful instrument. That's going to stay upstairs.

That's it for today. I'll post pictures once everything is in place

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