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My Keto Journey (so far)

As I write this post I've been on a ketogenic eating plan since late September of 2019. It's been amazing and far easier than I ever thought possible. I've lost 46 pounds, dropped a shirt size and have been able to eliminate one diabetes and one hypertension medication. My A1c has dropped from 8 to 5.6! If you're a diabetic you know how cool that is. My BP has dropped to a normal range and my doctor said "These can't be your readings." My cholesterol has improved dramatically with no statins and their side effects! And… I feel great! I'm not hungry, I'm sleeping better, able to do more… etc.

A big shout out to Dr. Chris and Dr. Bruce and everyone at Bridge Integrative Medicine for their support and guidance. Not sure that I would have had the courage to try this without their encouragement and help. Check them out if you're in the KC metro area. Also check out the YouTube video channels for Dr. Eric Berg and Thomas Delauer. They have great info on ketogenic eating.

And finally, thanks to my loving bride of 27 years. We're doing keto together and helping each other get healthier.