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COVID Update

I was notified last week that I was now eligible to get the Moderna COVID vaccination. I signed up and had my first shot on Monday (March 1st). Oddly enough my vaccination was given to me at my old employer, Cerner. I didn't make it 10 feet into the door before a former coworker recognized me and talked to me for a bit. It's nice to be recognized after having retired almost 6 years ago. He and a lot of other Cerner associates are volunteering to help along with a local hospital and nursing students form a local college. I couldn't believe how easy and well organized the whole process was. Not that I enjoy getting shots but at least it all went well and I've not had any side effects so far. I'll get my last shot in about three weeks.

Julane is scheduled to get her first shot on Thursday. She has had reactions to some vaccinations in the past so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Stay well!