Brooks-Curry Genealogy

England, Ulster, Virginia

Erwin or Irwin

I am slowing losing my mind…why can't people put down anything about their parentage? I saw a facebook post about "who would you like to meet with of your ancestors" and I'm not sure whether it would be Edward Erwin (Curry line) or Ira Pettit (Curtis line). Mainly because I would ask "why didn't you list your children and parents anywhere!?!?!"

Edward Erwin is listed as a NSDAR Patriot under the name "Irwin" (Ancestor #A205204). You can look him up using this link. Here is my descendant list:

Gen 1 : me
Gen 2: Gene Cayton Curtis & Joan Carol Betler
Gen 3: Louis Fred Betler & Hazel Julia Brooks
Gen 4: RIchard T. Brooks & Landona Belle Curry (oh no! Curry's!!!)
Gen 5: John McAvoy Curry & Sabina Conrad
Gen 6: James Curry & Sarah McAvoy
Gen 7: John Curry & Mary Curry
Gen 8: James Curry & Mary Erwin
Gen 9: Edward Erwin & Elizabeth Curry (Patriot)

So, as you know, I have proven lineage through Gen 7 when I joined the NSDAR through Dr. Robert Curry. So those generations are easy-peasy. Also, if you want to join through Robert Curry, you can link to me at the correct generation and, also, easy-peasy. Let me know if you need help doing this.

BUT (and that's a BIG but)…Gen 8 is crazy town. I have a marriage record for James Curry to Mary Erwin (27 Mar 1786) and I have Edward's will that leave "$1 to my daughter, Mary." Do I have a marriage to Elizabeth? No. But the NSDAR has a record somewhere that states that he was married to Elizabeth Curry so that should be OK. Good to note that she was his first wife. Marriage records for his second wife (Sarah/Sally Pearcy) can be found.

So "all" I need is a birth date & place or a death date & place for Mary which is…non-existent! Our cousin, Janet, has a lot of land records that are not online and is trying to help out. (Let me know if you would like to contact her.) The DAR members that came in on Edward are sisters and descendants of his son, John, who married Malinda Mozingo. They list Mary as a sibling of John's and use, as a source, Edward’s will. His recorded will is dated 23 Jan 1813 (proven 26 Feb 1816) and is in Will Book 12, pages 30 & 31, at Augusta County Court House in Staunton, VA. Sarah is named as his wife and executrix. Pg 42 of the Blair book (“History of Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church” 2000 pgs 42, 255 & 245) stated he had an unrecorded will, dated 1799, which shows he was then married to Elizabeth. I don’t have a copy of this page. Elizabeth's tombstone info (from Blair) is “Erwin, Elizabeth (C-2-3) Died 4-7-1807, 65 yr.” Elizabeth's birth date (calculated from the tombstone) would make her Mary’s mother.

What could I use for Mary's info? Well, I've looked for a will for her or for James, death records for either one, deeds, court records, etc. I will keep on looking. It is frustrating to have a line this close to proof. And I also have to double-check that I have John Curry tied to his parents, but I think I do. Any ideas? Please contact me if you have them and have a great genealogy day!