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Balsor Hammer

Balsor (Balser/Balzer) Hammer was born about 1760 to George Hammer and Elizabeth Simmons. Some records indicate that George arrived in Virginia in 1762. The Simmons family intermarries with this family so it is possible that this Elizabeth was related to Balsor's wife, also named Elizabeth Simmons, whom he married in Augusta County, Virginia in 1783. Elizabeth was the daughter of Leonard Simmons (our patriot)

George Hammer moved to Pendleton County in 1761 along with his brothers, Balsor, Henry and Jacob. They settled in the Byrd's Mill Bottom area. George remained there while brother Balsor moved to Cape (PO) Pendleton Co in about 1777. His log cabin was still standing in 1910. Brother Henry went to Tennessee and Jacob moved to another part of Virginia. George became a naturalized citizen of the colonies in 1762.

Many of the families in our lineage intermarry with the Hammer family. Some of these are marriages between Loftus Pullen & Francis Hammer (daughter of Balsor), Israel Friend & Eliza Hammer (1811), Samuel Rexroad & Susannah Hammer (1817 daughter of Balsor). The Rexrode, Simmons, Caplinger, Conrad and Hammer families owned quite a bit of land in Pendleton County and their names appear as witnesses, grantors, and grantees on many deeds in the county. This also reinforces the family bonds between them. For example, Balzer witnessed a deed between Peter Simmon(s) and George Rexrode in 1791 as well as one for John Page in 1795. The latter included Leonard Simmons, who is another DAR Patriot in our lineage, as a witness.

Here is an abstract of a particularly enlightening deed in Pendleton County:

Sep 1798 - Leonard and Mary Simmons to Henry Simmons 85 acres on the west side of the South Branch, at the head of Balser Hammer; part of 150 acres patented 20 March 1795.

This indicates that Leonard received patented land that could have been part of that granted for service in the Revolutionary War or part of an older land grant prior to the war. It also coincides with other records that indicate Balsor acquired 103 acres by patent on the South Branch.

Balsor Hammer was a private in the 2nd Battalion Augusta Virginia militia in 1779 (Virginia Militia in the Revolution, J.T. McAllister pg 147-148). He served during the Yorktown campaign under these officers: Capt. Peter Hull, 1st Lt. Nicholas Seybert, 2nd Lt Henry Fisher, and Ensign Jack Hoover. His name appears on the muster roll of Peter Hull's company as taken from the list written by Lt. Seybert and given in other county histories. No other war records have been found but Balsor signed an affidavit for a pension for Thomas Hoover in 1833.

Balsor appears on the 1790 list of tithables for Pendleton County. His land was also part of the Janes' Militia District in 1794. He served the local militia in 1794 as a member of Capt. William Janes' Company.

Balsor died in Pendleton County, Virginia. His will was probated on 5 Apr 1837 and names his wife, Elizabeth and sons Leonard, George & wife, Elizabeth, daughter Sarah Moyers, Mary Hammer, Catherine Wolf, Susannah Rexrode, Franny Pullens, Magdelena Miller and grandsons Samuel & Balsor Hammer (sons of my son George).

Our Lineage:
Gen 2: Gene Curtis & Joan Carol Betler
Gen 3: Louis Betler & Hazel Brooks
Gen 4: Richard T. Brooks & Landona Belle Curry
Gen 5: Luke Perkiser Brooks & Barbara Jullia Rexroad
Gen 6: Thomas Rexroad & Sarah Pullen
Gen 7: Lotus Pullen & Francis Hammer
Gen 8: Balsor Hammer & Elizabeth Simmons

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